Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thiyagam Stay Home

Thiyagam Stay Home

Thiyagam aims to serve the physically challenged women with joyous smile and contented heart.

During our regular interaction with rural women on various issues, we used wonder why they should not earn their livelihood. Why should they incur the displeasure of their families by remaining confined to their homes? On scrutinizing their problems we come to understand various issues are the reason for their hesitation. Though they are willing to take up any work, they lack training. To get training they have to come to Madurai. It takes around 9 pm to return to their villages from Madurai after attending training, which landing them into lot of hardship. Another reason is lack of transport facility from their villages. Sometimes they have to take three buses to reach Madurai from their villages. If the disability is crawling nature, we can't imagine their plight.

As a solution to their problem we conceived the idea of Thiyagam Stay Home. The Stay Home would provide free shelter to Challenged women coming from villages in and around Madurai. The girls staying here are undergoing training in Thiyagam Computer Centre and also working in Tailoring Unit.

From October 08 onwards we have a separate well furnished Stay Home for challenged girls. They are now comfortable attending to each other needs with enough space, air, water and also cooking for themselves. At present six challenged women are staying in the Stay Home are taking care of each other and live as one family. These girls have to live on the principle of training-learning-earning-living-serving.

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