Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM)


Vision: Man-Making:
To create Role Model citizens in each and every field of our society who will set an example in uprightness, integrity and humaneness.

Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM) initiated by Thiyagam Women Trust, where equal emphasis is given to Values along with academics. TNKM is focusing on the all round development of village children. These centres provide opportunity to regularly discuss and practice Values of life with children. Noble personalities from different fields are invited to share their valuable experiences with children. These will help children to improve their life skills and act in a responsible way in all situations. When these children grow up they would not compromise on the ideals on “Caring Society” set forth before them and become responsible caring citizens.

Focus on – Rural Children:
We have Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam tuition centres in 8 villages – in Sholavandan Taluk near Madurai where we get space, good teacher and community support. In all the eight centres 310 students are getting the benefit of free evening tuition in life skills and academics.

Progress in TNKM – 2007-08:
Life skills program of TNKM has been strengthened
Academic standards of students enhanced. Students who have failed in subjects earlier have now getting pass marks. Students who were average have been promoted to get good ranks.
Teachers Training program from Experts on the field
A reporting module was set up and was given to teachers to prepare monthly reports
Refresher Camps help children to develop their talents
Celebrated Children’s Day, Republic Day and Independence Day in TNKM villages. The program helped to enhance the interest in social/cultural/country
The impact on the Life Skills program has been closely watched by TNKM team
TNKM Mini Library in all the villages of TNKM centres is in progress
TNKM Cultural Team is emerging in all the TNKM centres

Approach: Life Skills at TNKM:
o Teach through live examples of great ones
o Teach values through small incidents/moral stories
o Cultivate reading habits through library
o Teach self-management in small day to day chores
o Encourage Students to adopt the contents of Thirukkural for life
o Encourage Students to share with other students in school/village the life skills they have learnt at the Centre.
o Encourage personal cleanliness.
o Encourage students to help in identifying and nurture individual talents and give training in folk arts in Camps.
o Adopting and updating TNKM methodology in line with V-Set in moulding teachers and students in creating a harmonious society.

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