Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thiyagam Profile

Thiyagam Women Trust

Economic independence of Physically Challenged Women, leading to a self-contented matured life and to cultivate the spirit of mutual love and service, well established in goodness both outwardly and inwardly.

Empowering the rural women with disabilities to earn their livelihood by creating opportunities for self employment and provide environment to take up the challenges of life in an optimistic way with enthusiasm and will power.

Thiyagam – To Challenged Women:
Thiyagam Women Trust is registered under the Charitable Trust Act. To meet the various demands of the challenged women, Thiyagam provides a Stay Home with friendly ambience to join together to uplift themselves.

Thiyagam Women Centre
We have commissioned in April 05 a Tailoring Centre to give training to disabled women. So far 34 women have undergone training and equipped with earning capacity which gave them additional confidence. At present 12 women are actively involved in regular job work and see their own earnings every month. Now they look confident to face the life’s challenges.

Natpu Vattam – Friends Circle
Thiyagam has initiated a unique concept of “Natpu Vattam – Friends Circle. The Physically Challenged Women(PCW) receive love, kindness, care and concern from the society. It is the foremost duty to pay it forward to other challenged women who are in similar situation. That is the real way of showing our gratitude to one who helped us. The PCWs of Thiyagam are encouraged to guide and share the information in their villages to other challenged sisters to improve their education and standard of living.

Counseling has become increasingly one of the major areas of services extended to PCWs by Thiyagam on education, employment and life. Suitable counseling and direction is given to solve the personal problems arising out of emotional sickness. We initially guide the Challenged Women to find the means for day-to-day living and enable them to be economically independent within a shortest possible time. We also provide all the updated information and opportunities available from Govt. and Private Sectors and facilitate employment opportunities. Thiyagam gets regular phone calls and numerous letters from Challenged Women requesting for aid and counseling.

Thiyagam Narpanpu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM)
We have started Thiyagam Narpanbu Kalvi Maiyam(TNKM), Centre for Humane education, evening tuition centres during Sept. 2005 in 5 villages near Madurai where we get space, good teacher and community support. In all the five centres, around 165 students are getting the benefit of education in values absolutely free. In these villages we have appointed teachers with disabilities.
These centres also help us to identify Physically challenged children which enable us to give them special attention. TNKM is giving equal emphasis to Values along with academics. These centres provide suitable environment to imbibe Value themes by children.
These will help children to improve their life skills and act in a responsible way in all situations. When these children grow up, they would not compromise on the ideals set forth before them and become emotionally matured and socially responsible citizens.

Thiyagam solicits your whole hearted guidance support and co-operation.
No.66/44, Kambar Street, S. S.Colonly, Madurai – 625 010
Ph: 0452-2602195 - E-mail:


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